Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Use WordPress for Their WebSite Platform

Why WordPress?

Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Use WordPress For Their Website Platform

You would not believe how many websites were built many years ago and have not been updated years. Sound familiar? If you are wondering why you don’t get any Internet traffic, search engines like websites that stay up-to-date. It provides fresh content for the end user. With WordPress running your on-line business, you can make changes to your website in-house. Your website will never be out of date ever again because you now have complete control of adding new content. Once your Internet Developer, Robert Wajda, sets it up, he can train your staff how to manage and keep the site updated.

The WordPress platform is free, easy to setup, manage, and update. You don’t need to be an Internet expert or an HTML coder to manage WordPress once the initial design has been completed. All you need is an Internet connection and a user ID and Password to enter the administration part of Word Press. Large companies such as Ebay, Sony, Best buy Xerox, Time Inc, and many more all use WordPress and you can too!

WordPress has started out being a blogging system but has turned into one of the top web based platforms in the world. It is a full featured content management platform which means you can manage your web site from any location in the world.

The WordPress platform is search engine friendly.  We can show you case studies of how WordPress increased search engine ranking the day it went live. Even the Google team states WordPress solves many SEO issues with the SEO plugins.

WordPress is Mobile Friendly right out of the box. In the past, it was very difficult and expensive to convert a site to mobile friendly and WordPress does it automatically. With the explosion of mobile devises, WordPress absolutely must look good on all devises.

WordPress is a refined platform over 10 years old. Over this time period, it has evolved into one of the top web site platforms and is world-class web publishing system.

ROI- Also know as your “Return On Investment”. Web sites that upgrade to WordPress and are developed correctly normally pay for themselves within the first year. On big ticket item websites, the ROI is usually in 3-6 months.