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We offer a full-cycle range of Website & eCommerce Design, Development and Promotional Services.

WordPress Upgrades

You would not believe how many websites were built many years ago and have not been updated years. Sound familiar? If you are wondering why you don’t get any Internet traffic search engines favor websites that stay up-to-date and provided fresh content for the end user. With WordPress running your on-line business, you can make changes to your website in-house. Your website will never be out of date ever again because you now have complete control of adding new content. Once your Internet Developer, Robert Wajda, sets it up, he can train your staff how to manage and keep the site updated.

Built-in SEO Services

It’s one thing building a WordPress site and managing it and it is another to build a WordPress site correctly where you have hundreds of Key Words pointing to many of your pages. All of our website services come completely packaged with built-in SEO optimization services, correct content keyword density, google analytics installed, and a complimentary site map to launch your new pages. We focus on quality and want you as a long-term client.

Website Design & Development

 Would you build your own house to live in? Unless you are a contractor, probably not. You would more than likely hire someone that is skilled in the industry that has been building houses for decades. The same should hold true for anyone working on your website. Did you know that most websites are built wrong from the beginning? Your website should be planned out like a blueprint, where each page is neatly organized into a directory structure that makes perfect sense to search engines. We know exactly how to build your website and all of our clients have received great returns on their investment.

If you are ready for a free, no-obligation review of your website, please fill out the form and we will get back with you within one business day.

eCommerce Development

Build a store that shows up on top of Search Engines.. When a web developer creates a new web site, it is hardly ever right out from the start. In fact, it takes many tweaks and updates just to get it positioned right in the search engines. This cost is never added into the equation and developers can’t afford to spend extra months working on your site after it has been completed. Therefore, most sites do not perform up to expectations. In addition, a lot of seasoned sites that have been upgraded in the past have a lot of 404 and miscellaneous errors. If these errors are not fixed, it can cause a significant drop in search results.

If you know your market and your key word search phrases are not showing up in search results, your web site needs a makeover and corrected. There are other reasons to keep your site on top and constantly moving forward, and I can’t list everything in this introductory.

By upgrading your site to the WordPress platform, building your site correctly, correcting the errors, and contracting me for a nominal monthly fee (after the site is complete) to keep the site up-to-date, you will find yourself on top and you will stay there as long as you keep the site current and up-to-date.p>

eCommerce Promotion

You have a product that sells online? We have a solution.

Local Means Personal Service!

We are a local company right here in Jacksonville, Florida and give your business the personal attention it deserves from that initial conversation, to a free no-obligation quote, to the completion of your project on time and on budget. We also offer great payment terms that can be spread out for months for clients that are on tight budgets.

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