Getting Started

How to get started
The process is actually very simple and is outlined below:

Make Contact

You can either give me a call or fill out the on-line contact form. Once you make that initial contact, we can wrap up your project within 2 weeks in most cases. If you have a on-line shopping cart and thousands of pages, it will probably a little longer.

Consultation and Quote

After you make that initial contact, we will discuss the project with you and give you a detailed quote and estimated time of completion.

Build the New Site

Once everyone agrees on the quote we get started by building your new site on servers specifically made to host WordPress sites. We do everything from build your site, to getting your input and feedback, and we even fix all 301, 304 and all errors that could have been causing you search engine problems in the past. We redirect everything exactly where it needs to go.

Approval / Go Live

Once the site is completed and we have your approval, we change the primary DNS servers to point to the new site. As soon as we do this, most companies receive an instant spike in search engine results because everything is done exactly how it should be.

Wrap Up

After your site is live, we will look for anything that needs adjustments and take care of it.


The best thing about a new WordPress site is that once it is done, we will train you how to update your own web site. You will be so excited that you have full control of your content that you will wonder why you haven’t done this years ago.